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If You Want A Debt-Free Existence,

Then You Must Stop Listening To Advertisers

by Bill Johnson

When it comes to enjoying a debt free lifestyle, you need to come to terms with how you psychologically think about debt. Sadly, too many people today are influenced by today's society that transmits the message on how critical it is to "keep up with the Joneses".

If you sit down and view an hour-long television series and pay attention to the ads, you'll notice how many of them are selling you on the notion that unless you have the right clothes, cell phone or automobile, then you're simply not cutting it.

Look at how many ads you are subjected to on a day-to-day basis in our culture. Now, compare that to 100 years ago before the advent of mass media advertising. Take into account the thought process of the typical individual over 100 years ago. Consider that they were more likely to look at thrift and savings as more important than the most recent style.

They thought like that because they weren't becoming brainwashed daily like you are that you must have just about every gadget under the sun to be a deserving individual. You must really pay attention to how many occasions you're getting out your credit card to buy items that really add no value to your life.

In reality, many of your purchases most likely basically detract from the quality of your life. Simply the actuality that you're making use of your credit card is dangerous. It suggests that you can't pay for what you're purchasing. It's that simple.

Sure, we all say we will pay the bill off at the end of the month. The truth is that it is too tempting to merely pay the minimum payment instead so that you can purchase the next gadget or eat at the next fancy restaurant with the money you were meant to use to pay off that credit card balance.

It normally requires an amazing amount of discipline to use credit cards the correct way. Let's face it, a lot of men and women don't have that sort of self-discipline these days. Getting into debt is the easiest thing to do in our modern world. Getting out of debt is a completely different animal and you genuinely need to pay much more attention to accomplishing it.

If you don't make your personal credit card debt management a priority, you're going to wake up a decade from now sick from within regarding all the interest installment payments you've paid. Specifically when you see all the junk you've accumulated as well as how little prosperity you've supplied for you and your family.

Take heed of this personal debt advice. Get on a strategy to pay off those credit cards and move toward a more holistic existence in which you don't decide your value based on how many shoes, toys, or gadgets you have.

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